We, the Triple Threat Blues Band, are travelling across the country in bringing you the best Blues music you will ever hear in this generation. We have been playing American blues music for several years now, and are still intending to continue such promise indefinitely. What was once only done at our local community, we bring it to you when you need it. We play at various clubs and events, or anywhere you can find playing music. If you wish to have us play at your planned event, you can inquire information through our contact page. Please be advised that the contact page is not where fans can inquire about the band. It is simply business contacts only and will not entertain any fan questions.

We formed our band in the hopes that we can provide you more of what we want to share with you. We have received a lot of inspirations from our fans and because of their undying love for us, we bring you more of what we are really made of. We sing solely for the enjoyment of our listeners, and we enjoy singing to see that our audience love to listen to our songs as well.

Moving our gear is one of the biggest pains while setting up for a gig, in the same way that trying to move belongings from one home to another is. Fortunately, we don’t have to do it on our own, with the help of On The Go Moving, packing and unpacking is easier than ever. On The Go is a Moving Company in Seattle Washington, and has helped dozens of people move residential¬†and commercially. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter¬†and Google Plus.